Sharing My Fiction & Poetry with the World

What else am I going to do?

I remember sitting in a tiny booth in a self-serve gas station in 1981, taking payments from customers.

   I was 19 and in love. Not with a girl, no; but with the idea of spending my life as a writer. You see, there were often long lulls when no customers were present, and I could do homework, or I could read one of my favorite fantasy or science fiction novels stuffed into my backpack with my calculus and geometry texts.

   I had started a story, and when I felt motivated enough, would take that notebook out and continue writing it.

   Decades later, I’m still at it. Not writing that story, no. It’s long gone. But new stories. Better ones.

   I didn’t muster the courage to truly and fully jump into the writing pool, as it were, until 2004, when I began earnest work on my first actual novel.

   Twenty-seven published works later, I’m still going strong. Very far from 19 now, I still feel that vitalizing love I always felt back then when thinking what it would be like to spend my life writing stories and poetry. But now it’s like: I’m doing it! I’m actually doing it!

   Very cool.

   I am a scarred veteran of blogging, web hosts, trolls, rich-text editors, HTML embed codes, social media, and so-called “help forums” and customer service chat lines. I have been researching Substack for a while now, and decided it was time to make a move to them. So far, the experience has been fairly smooth. I hope it continues.

   Tales & Verse Along the Pier is a way of connecting readers to my growing body of work. It’s that simple. Some would rather just buy the ebook. Others like subscription services. As a writer, it seems prudent to offer readers both options.

   There are many more stories in me, even after more than four decades of writing. I hope you’ll join me in exploring those worlds, as well as enjoying my poetry, and maybe a few nice extras thrown in occasionally. We’ll see. This is all still very new to me.

   I hope to see you along the Pier!